Master of Studies on Marriage and the Family (MMF)

Program Description

The Master of Studies on Marriage and the Family (Master in Studiis de Matrimonio et Familia, MMF) is a professional, graduate program designed to introduce students to the Catholic understanding of human love, marriage and the family. It provides a rigorous and broad formation that is academic, practical, and spiritual for those who wish to work within the Church in the area of marriage and the family. It also aims at a formation of the heart and mind which is able to witness the light of Christ in the public and political domain and to build a community of love in one‘s personal life.

We study:

• The Basics of the Catholic Doctrine
• Human Love and Sexuality
• Moral Theology
• Marriage in the Sacred Scripture
• Psychology of the Couple and the Family
• Spirituality and Sacramentality of Marriage
• And more...


It is open to students who have already completed higher education and obtained at least a Bachelors degree equivalent. It does not presuppose prior theological studies, and therefore the program includes some general courses in both theology and philosophy. The MMF is not equivalent to the Canonical Baccalaureate in Theology.


MMF studies comprise six trimesters of basic courses in philosophy and theology and of specialized marriage and family courses.

You can download a detailed description of courses on the MMF Course Catalogue.

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