Liturgical Life

During the school year Roman Rite Masses and the Divine Liturgy are offered each day at the Schloss.  We are also blessed to have adoration, as well as morning and evening prayer.  

During the school breaks, and holidays, please call the office for Mass times, as the schedule does change. 

When school is in session, normally there are Masses at these times during the week:


  • 7.15 Holy Mass
  • 12.00  Holy Mass 
  • 17.30  Divine Liturgy 
  • 18.00  Trumau Parish Church Holy Mass (see schedule)


  • 8.00 Holy Mass
  • 10.00 Divine Liturgy
  • 18.00 Trumau Parish Church vigil Holy Mass (see schedule)


  • 9.30 Trumau Parish Church Holy Mass (see schedule)
  • 10.30 Divine Liturgy