Campus Life

A Rich and Diverse Campus Life

The ITI has a unique campus culture. With students from so many different countries, cultures and rites, it is truly our Faith that gives us our unity. Throughout the year, in addition to the exchange of views in the seminar discussions, our students enjoy learning about each other’s cultures and are privileged to have the Roman and Byzantine Liturgies celebrated every day.

Housing and Food

Students, both single and married, are housed in seperate family, male and female student residences which are part of the Campus complex. Each residence includes living areas and a common kitchen, whilst individual student and family apartments also have their own kitchens. Seminarians and priests are housed in a seperate part of the men's dormitory, the Klausura.


There is a computer area available for our students with a few computers and internet access. Students may also bring their own laptops as the residences all have wireless internet access.


The Campus is in the town of Trumau within walking distance of the parish, the grocery store and the bank.