Bachelor in Liberal Arts

Program Description

Liberal Arts education is the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

The pursuit of wisdom and virtue leads us to understand what it means to be human and thus allows us to assume responsibility for ourselves and for the world around us. Already the ancient Greeks (Plato, Aristotle and others) saw that this form of education took precedence over all other forms of education and thus founded the Liberal Arts tradition, which was subsequently further developed through the Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions. The chief tenet of a liberal arts education is Jesus’ Word: “The truth will set you free.” (John 8:32). Education is “liberal” when it frees the intelligence to see the “truth of the matter” and of what it means to be human, by knowing reality and seeking God.

We embark on this journey to know reality and seek God through an interdisciplinary three-year curriculum, combined with a deeply formative Catholic and international campus life. We study philosophy, theology, natural science, literature, rhetoric, history, law & government and economy as well as music, ne arts and the classical languages. The student community prays together and has the opportunity to receive the sacraments daily.

The program thus offers a profound formation of the whole human person: spiritual, intellectual and social. To be human means to recognize the need to be formed as a whole. Therefore, prior to entering into specialized and skills-oriented studies or starting a professional career, a Liberal Arts education is essential to equip young men and women with the vital abilities to think clearly and act coherently in a world where such capabilities seem largely lost. A Liberal Arts education is, like the family, a school for life where our humanity blossoms and where life vocations are found and fostered.


Prerequisite for those entering at trimester 1: Matura, Abitur or equivalent school-leaving certificate.

BA & STM Language Requirements

Entry into the BA (and thus into the first year of the STM) does not presuppose knowledge of ancient languages. Latin is studied in the BA. Completion of the STM degree includes the study of Latin and Greek. Hebrew is offered as an elective.

Duration of Study

For those entering at trimester 1: 9  trimesters (3 academic years).

Accreditation of the Degree Program