Study at the ITI

You are here for a Life! The ITI is more about a life, than a place. It is not primarily a place, but a community of people engaged in a certain activity: pursuit of the common good of truth, particularly theological truth.

ITI grants canonical degrees in Sacred Theology: Master of Sacred Theology (STM), Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL), Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD), Bachelor (BA) in Catholic Liberal Arts, Master of Studies in Marriage and the Family (MMF), and a one-year certificate program Studium Generale (SG).

ITI studies primary sources written by great masters in the Catholic tradition (e.g. St. Thomas Aquinas). This promotes breadth of vision, depth of reflection, and an eye for quality.

The pedagogy consists primarily of careful reading, contemplative reflection, and active discussion of a text from a great master in small group seminars.

Formation involves the whole person: intellect and heart. The theology here is lived, not only studied.

The language of instruction at the ITI is English. Applicants must therefore have an excellent grasp of English for reading, verbal communication, and written assignments.

Costs of studying at the ITI is deliberately kept at a minimum. As an Ecclesiastical Faculty it is financially independent and relies entirely on donations and tuition payments. US students are eligible for US Student Federal loans. If you need financial assistance, please refer to Cost and Financial Aid.

Apply here or contact us at admissions(at) with your admissions inquiries. The application deadline for all programs is 15th of July for the upcoming academic year.