Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)

Program Description

The Sacrae Theologiae Licentiatus program is a graduate program (Second Cycle) in theology designed to enable students to teach theology in a major seminary or equivalent insti­tution and to participate in theological debate as schol­ars in their own right. It entails the advancement of academic research and inquiry in theology, concentrating in one area of theology through a thesis and lectio coram. Our STL program offers the opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of theology as a unified whole whereby it offers Theology of Marriage and the Family as the area of concentration.


    There are several particular objectives of the STL program. It seeks to provide an environment where a student has sufficient time to engage in a thorough inquiry into a theological matter. It is structured to grant students the opportunity for personal, direct and accessible advisement in their scholarly investigation. Another goal is to form an academic community of researchers and writers in which each respective thesis writer can take part. Lastly, it hopes to open new avenues of theological interest and inquiry. 

    Prerequisite for the Licentiate

    First academic degree in Theology (STB, STM, Mag.Theol., MDiv). N.B. If the course of studies of this presupposed degree differs substantially from that of the Institute, the Ad­missions Committee shall decide what Master level courses of the Institute must be taken to provide a better foundation for Licentiate studies. 

    Requirements for the Licentiate

    • 56 credits of course work (at least 28 credits in area of theological concentration), divided over four semesters:  
    1. four common core courses 
    2. six specialized courses and tutorials 
    3. two electives 
    4. four thesis and pedagogy courses
    •  30 credits for Thesis of 70–80 pages, with public defense
    • one-hour lectio coram (lecture to assembled faculty) followed by discussion
    • knowledge of one modern language in addition to one's native language, Latin and Greek, to be determined by examination. Students who have not taken these languages or do not pass the exams will take two semesters of each. (Language study is not included in the 56 credits.)

    For more information on the STL plan of studies please see STL Curriculum.