Costs and Financial Aid

Costs of Studying at the ITI

The cost for our students is deliberately kept at a minimum to enable qualified persons from all over the world to study at the Katholische Hochschule ITI despite limits to financial means. Consequently, the tuition and fees charged cover less than half of our actual expenses per student. The ITI is an Ecclesiastical Faculty which is financially independent and relies entirely on donations and tuition payments. We look to our benefactors and students who possess the financial means to assist us in meeting our financial necessities. The ITI gratefully accepts donations, which are tax deductible. Your generosity towards the ITI is deeply appreciated. Help support our students.

Total estimated cost for a single student:   

  • €10300 (paid to ITI for tuition, registration and lodging)
  • €3500 (estimated personal expenses)

Total cost will vary by program and marital status. The breakdown of expenses is below.

A) Tuition and Registration

  • Tuition                                             €7500  (per Academic Year)  

Studium Generale students pay €8000 (for the Academic Year) tuition. Please click here for Studium Generale page.

  • Registration                                     €300  (per Academic Year) 

B) Accommodation

  • Room for single student                    €2500 (per Academic Year) 
  • Family Apartments                            €5000 - €10000 (per Academic Year) 

C) Additional personal expenses (estimates)

  • Food and personal items                  €2500 (€250 x 10 months, minimum)  
  • Mandatory EU Student Health Insurance       €840 (€70 x 12 months) 
  • Visa (if required)                                              €160 - €200 
  • Travel and miscellaneous                                 €500

D) Reimbursable deposits

  • Family Apartment                                           €400
  • Single room                                                     €200 
  • Library                                                            €100 


Community service – since the ITI is enriched by a community life, all students, regardless of financial or academic standing, are expected to contribute 2 hours per week to assist with the maintenance of the chapel, living areas, library and other facilities.

Financial Aid

  • Room Stipends are available for service to the ITI (maintenance and upkeep of the campus)
  • Spouses, where both are studying, get an automatic discount of 50% on the second tuition fee if the full tuition fee of €7500 is paid by the first spouse.

Financial Aid - External

Contact: Sebastian Hoogewerf 

US Student Loans

US Students in the BA, MMF, STM, STL and STD degree programs are eligible for financial aid loans from the US government. However, the ITI is not eligible for US grants. The school code for the ITI is: G34603. 

NOTICE: The ITI is currently in the process of recertification and therefore all student loan applications are currently on hold until further notice. 

US Loan Policies 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Sallie Mae loans are also available to US students for all the above mentioned programs.  Additionally, Sallie Mae also offers loans for the Studium Generale program.

Additional ITI Scholarships - Internal

(BA, MMF, STM and STL programs only. There are currently no scholarships available for SG or extraordinary students.)

Additional scholarships should be requested in Financial Aid section of the Application Form. Additional ITI Scholarships are exclusively granted on an annual basis.

The additional scholarships will be adjusted to take into account your financial needs and any external scholarships you may receive.

Additional Financial Aid - for tuition only:
1) EU citizens - tuition may be reduced by up to: € 2500
2) Seminarians, priests and religious - where the diocese or superiors take responsibility for the education of the student, tuition may be reduced by up to: € 4000
3) Eastern Europe within EU - tuition may be reduced by up to: € 5500
4) Eastern Europe non-EU - tuition may be reduced by up to: € 6500

•These are tuition scholarships only and do not cover room and board!