Master of Sacred Theology (STM)

Program Description

The Sacrae Theologiae Magister program, the first academic degree in Theology, is equivalent to the Canonical Baccalaureate in Theology (cf. Sapientia Christiana, Constitution 72; Norms 51). It is fully recognized as a masters (Magister Theologiae, Mag. theol.) by the State of Austria. 


Prerequisite for those entering in year 1: Matura, Abitur or equivalent school-leaving certificate. Prerequisite for US American graduate students who wish to enter at year 4: Bachelor of Arts with special strength in philosophy and theology corresponding to the demands of Sapientia Christiana. 

Duration of Study

For those entering at in year 1: fifteen trimesters; for US American graduate students entering in year 4: six trimesters. One year of preparatory coursework (the Propaedeutic Year) may be required at the discretion of the Dean of Studies.

Subjects and Hours

This downloadable chart indicates how subjects and hours are distributed over the five years, indicating also ECTS credits. 


The STM program consists of two parts:

1. First Phase: three years of coursework (no degree earned);
2. Second Phase: two years of coursework and the writing of a master's thesis (STM/STB/Mag.theol. earned).

Students who do not have the necessary proficiency in Latin and Greek must take two years of courses in each language. A reading knowledge of German is also encouraged. Hebrew is offered as an elective.

For the curriculum overview, including a list by major category of the most important primary readings on which the STM curriculum is based, details on the curriculum format and rationale, along with yearly lists of primary-source readings, please see the STM COURSE CATALOGUE