Providing a Mouthpiece for the Church


Dr. Gudrun Kugler-Lang, Austria - Gudrun graduated from the ITI in 1999. Afterwards, she completed her legal studies with a doctorate in International Criminal Law. From 2001 to 2004 she directed the World Youth Alliance Europe (, advocating human dignity at the United Nations and the European Union. In 2005, she and her husband, Martin, founded the enterprise, Kairos Consulting for Non-Profit-Initiatives. With this company, she has; started the non-governmental organization, Europe for Christ! (; helped launch a European Observatory on Christianophobia and Intolerance; and founded the German speaking Catholic marriage website, In addition to these initiatives, she is very much in demand for many conferences as a speaker on the Culture of Life.

Alumna Publishes Landmark Book <i>Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse</i>

ITI faculty member and alumna, Gudrun Kugler, together with her husband Martin, recently published the book, Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse. In describing the book, Gudrun writes:

“In the public debate today, Christians quickly encounter a ‘dead end road’: Of course, no one should be discriminated against – but is anti-discrimination legislation a good idea? Why do many call Christians intolerant, isn’t it the Christians’ positions which are not being tolerated? Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse discusses the main questions of public interest in a concise and accessible format. Distinguished experts offer their analysis and solutions to questions such as: “What’s Wrong With the West?” (Robert George, Bill Saunders), “Dealing with Political Correctness” (Marguerite Peeters), “Comprehending Freedom and Tolerance” (Rocco Buttiglione), and “Ways Out of the Ghetto” (Joseph Weiler), along with many other insightful essays.