More Alumni Stories

Carrying on the Legacy of Pope St. John Paul II

The Second Annual International Theology of the Body Symposium
Who would have thought that the catechetical lessons on God’s plan for human life and love, given at the beginning of his pontificate, were going to change the way many people today look at… Read More

Bringing Saint Thomas Around the Globe

ITI graduates tackle the project of publishing the works of the Angelic Doctor in English/Latin parallel editions. Read more

Theology on One’s Knees

What could possibly inspire a professional journalist, a doctoral student in computer science, a seminarian, an environmentalist, a lawyer, and a housewife to spend ten days together in a small fishing village on the southern coast of Ireland? Read more

Some People Call Us “the Specialists”

ITI graduates Cristina and Calin Sechelea were born and raised in Romania - and intended to stay there. They did not expect that their path in life would lead them to a small school in Austria, or how that would change their lives. Read more

Reaching the Catholic Church in the US and UK

A little book called “Paths of Love” came into the hands of the Rt. Rev. Christopher Jamison, OSB. The book intrigued him so much that he flew to Austria to meet with the author… read more

Providing a Mouthpiece for the Church

Dr. Gudrun Kugler-Lang, Austria - Gudrun graduated from the ITI in 1999. Afterwards, she completed her legal studies with a doctorate in International Criminal Law. From 2001 to 2004 she directed the World Youth Alliance Europe… full story.

Fighting the Marriage Crisis - Success in Ukraine 

ITI graduate, Rev. Yuriy Kolasa, a Byzantine Catholic priest from Ukraine, has spent many years fighting the marriage crisis in his archdiocese of Lviv. The fruits of this work are evident … full story