Love Pursuing the Truth

Nothing is greater than the pursuit of truth. Further, when this is done with friends, we have what Aristotle calls virtue-friendship. Virtue-friendship is beholding the good with another and beholding each other beholding the good. It is these moments that are so meaningful, deep and touch the core of our humanity. We crave deep discussion about meaningful topics and love pursuing the truth.  

This is exactly what the Biffert family did when they sold their house in Canada, their van and all their stuff and moved to Austria. After 30 years of struggling to find the truth in Protestantism, Kenton and Rebecca were, by the grace of God, led home to the Catholic Church. For four years they soaked in the rich liturgical life, the friendships, late night conversations, dinners, dances and Kenton graduated with his STM in 2016. Now, they are helping others do the same.  

As the Dean of Students at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry's Bay in Ontario, Canada, Kenton's mission is to immerse the students in a vibrant Catholic culture. With a purview that extends from residence living to spiritual formation, to recreation, sports and pilgrimages, Kenton is working to build a culture wherein virtue-friendship can thrive. From watching documentaries on difficult topics to studying Aquinas while sipping whiskey, from snowboarding down the Canadian slopes to snowshoeing through the forest, from pilgrimages to the sites of Canadian martyrs to praying the stations in knee-deep snow, everything works and moves towards the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful.  

The mission doesn't end with the four walls of the college. Kenton has recently had a novel published, The Chronicles of Sir Benedict: The Cult of LeviThe book is written with the same intent but to a slightly younger audience. With themes of redemptive suffering and not doing an evil act for moral good, the book reaches straight to the heart of the adolescent boy. The book is packed with fights, humour, intensity, and an epic battle as Sir Benedict, a covert Knight of the Cross in service to the Pope, struggles to infiltrate a cult and free the people.

Most importantly, Kenton’s and Rebecca’s mission to pursue truth happens in the home. They have seven lively children. With much enthusiasm, they are homeschooling their children in a classical education and exploring the world around them. Experiencing beauty in nature is key for them as well. Together, they explore the lakes and forest on canoes, they cross-country ski, snowboard, snowshoe, hike, bike and whatever else they can do to be outdoors. In the past, prior to moving to work at the college, they managed a farm where they bred, raised, slaughtered, and butchered their own animals. Their hope is to purchase some land and get back to raising animals again.  

Currently, Kenton is working hard to finish his doctorate in Theology through Dominican University College. With this in hand, he hopes to teach and form young men and women in their own pursuit of truth and beauty.

God is good!