Why the ITI is Unique

  • ITI studies Catholic theology as a unified whole. Theology is studied in its coherence and organic interpenetration.
  • ITI studies primary sources written by great masters in the Catholic tradition. This promotes breadth of vision, depth of reflection, and an eye for quality.
  • ITI unifies theology and sanctity: we study the great saints who are true theologians since they possess connatural insight into theological matters and a heart burning for love of God.
  • Primacy of the theological question: What is the truth of the matter? We seek answers to essential questions. The sources are origins and stimulus for active thought.
  • Pedagogy: careful reading, contemplative reflection, and active questioning/discussion of a text from a great master in small group seminars.
  • Study of St. Thomas Aquinas: strongly encouraged by the Church right up to the current pontificate.
  • Formation of the whole person; formation of the heart. Desire for what is great, beautiful and true: generates inspiration.

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