Rector participates in launch event for the "European Academy of Religion"

The two-day meeting in Bologna on December 4-5 brought together over 500 leaders in academia from around Europe

Dr. Alting von Geusau, rector of the International Theological institute, participated in a meeting in the impressive Aula of the University of Bologna where religious leaders, political leaders and over 500 representatives from the world of academia presented the tenets of the to be founded European Academy for Religion. Most official speakers lamented the fact that Europe suffers from a grave form of religious illeteracy and has for too long relegated religion to the exclusivity of the private opinion. It has thus not heeded the fact that 85% of human beings regard themselves as religious in some form or another. A secularism that rejects religion is merely a competing ideology trying to take the place of religion - a healthy secularism provides private and public space for religion, true freedom of religion and conscience, knowing that its contribution to society is vital. More information: