Solemn opening of the new Academic year

35 new students from various countries sign the matriculation book

In 2013 a beautiful tradition was established at the the ITI: on the first day of the academic year new students receive their official admittance to the ITI by signing their names in the matriculation book. This solemn ceremony was preceded by Mass in the Byzantine Chapel and a procession around campus whilst the Litany of Saints was sung. The president addressed the university community on the theme of charity and how this - truly lived - carries the life of a student at the ITI. He also reminded students that this charity asks from us to reach out to the world around us, especially those most in need and without a voice to speak for themselves. During the ceremony, ITI faculty members, as they do each year, gave their profession of faith, promising to faithfully teach and uphold the Gospel and the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. The opening of the academic year was concluded with a common lunch of all students, faculty and staff under a blue sky!