Simon Maria Kopf Appointed as Research Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

Simon Maria Kopf, Associate Professor of Fundamental Theology at the ITI, has been appointed a Research Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, and the Aquinas Institute, an organization within Blackfriars. He was appointed after the start of his research project, entitled ‘Alternative Concepts of God and the Problem of Unconceived Alternatives’, which began in 2023 and will culminate in an international workshop held at the ITI in August, 2024. His main areas of research are Science & Theology, Providence, and Divine Action. His latest contribution is an article on “God’s Involvement in Creaturely Action: Physical Premotion, Aristotelian Premotion, or a Dimension of Creation-Conservation?” forthcoming in The Thomist.


Blackfriars Hall grew out of the Priory, a Dominican house of studies, becoming a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford in 1994. Today, it is home to overlapping communities of academics and religious and serves as a center for research and debate drawing from the Catholic intellectual tradition. The Aquinas Institute is based within Blackfriars and was founded in 2004 to promote the contemporary value of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas within Oxford and internationally. We look forward to following Dr. Kopf’s contributions to these two institutions and his future research projects.