Education at the Crossroads

International Bilingual Education Summit at ITI Catholic University

May 5 and 6, 2023

An Assessment of the Situation

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In such crisis-ridden times, what better topic for a university to consider than the future of the next generation? This is especially so because this future will also be significantly shaped by the educational framework with which young people look at reality: how they learn to see, analyze, and deal with problems. Responsible action presupposes analysis and knowledge of the subject matter.


Education concerns everyone: Is the battle already lost?


Education is ideologically hotly contested! But do we really see what is at stake? This conference, with its theoretical, analytical, and practical approach, concerns everyone. Because the future of youth depends on the future of education. This is not a conference in the ivory tower of a university: on the contrary! You are all invited—not only those directly concerned such as parents, educators, teachers, professors, school principals, but everyone, because the educational system of our society is at a crossroads. Are we aware of the consequences?


The education system is always a mirror of the prevailing socio-political paradigm


"New ideologies" such as gender, cancel culture, political correctness, among others, have taken hold over time and are beginning to dominate our thinking. Are universities still places of freedom, free formation of opinion and thought, or do they fuel the new ideologies? Then there is digitalization, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism, which are becoming the engine of the "new society." From now on, speed replaces the natural movement of humans. In order to be able to conduct a well-founded discussion about education, we need to assess the current situation.


What should be preserved, what should be discarded? For what do we need to advocate?


Participate! Discuss with us!

We look forward to your attendance!


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5. Mai 2023

10.00h - Familie – Schule – Gesellschaft: Wer Rettet Uns aus der Bildungskrise?, Dr. Wolfgang Mazal


12.00h - Kunst und Schönheit: „Widerstand gegen die Große Entzauberung“, Dr. Johannes Hartl

14.30h - Bildung in Totalitären Systemen, Dr. Gudula Walterskirchen

17.30h - Integrating Collectives into Education: An Agenda for Human Flourishing, Dr. Peter Kahn

6. Mai 2023

Thomas von Aquin Der Lehrer als Diener, Dr. Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

09.45h - Universities today: technocracy and truth, Dr. Edward Hadas

11.15h - Geschlecht: Zugang zum Leben, Prof. Dr. Hanna Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz

15.00h - Jüdische Geistesgröße: Ergebnis einer Bildungstradition, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Dolna


17.00h - The Congested Crossroads of Education - Prof. Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau