December 3, 2022: ITI Catholic University is awarded the CAPAX DEI AWARD for Evangelization

Mirabile Dictu, the International Catholic Film Festival founded by Liana Marabini in 2010 under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for Culture and Education, gives an award each year to an organization that demonstrates a special commitment to evangelization.


Mirabile Dictu (Spoken Miracles) is an exquisite annual film festival and an ideal forum for actors, directors, and filmmakers who, through their films, convey values inspired by the Christian spirit. Many of the filmmakers have reportedly been converted to the faith already through this festival, said the Monaco-based festival founder, film producer, and publisher. She devotes her work to the history of the Church and is particularly interested in religious themes, language, and communication, which is reflected in the films and books she produces.


This year, the festival’s prize, "Il Pesce d'Argento" (The Silver Fish), inspired by the first Christian symbol, was awarded to ITI Catholic University and was received by its Grand Chancellor, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.


Why the ITI? Liana Marabini answered this in her speech in the following way:

"The ITI is a university founded by a saint; the Grand Chancellor, the Rector, as well as the students, the faculty, and all the staff of the ITI are dedicated to evangelization through and with their work."


In his acceptance speech at the ceremony at the university, Cardinal Schönborn emphasized that "the award is not only a great surprise and honor, but also a challenge. Evangelization, it is so easy to say. But what does it really mean to proclaim the Gospel?"

To answer this question, the Grand Chancellor referred to St. Francis: "Proclaim the Gospel to everyone, if necessary, even with words." He cited St. Augustine as another witness to the fact that the proclamation of the Gospel is much more than the mere word: the whole of life, daily actions and accomplishments, these are all words as well. Jesus Himself showed us this. 



O ye of little faith!

Jesus lived a hidden life for more than 30 years before he began to teach. Those around him wondered with amazement where this wisdom, this power, came from.

"It is a great challenge to evangelize when the Son of God lived and worked in hiding for 30 years. What does the hidden life of Jesus mean for a Catholic College?" the Grand Chancellor asked, elaborating that it is the radiance of this institution. Through the students, the graduates, the sponsors and friends, the seed is spread to the world.


"26 years after its founding, it is often still a miracle that the ITI exists, dependent on donations and tuition," the Grand Chancellor said. "But God evidently wants this house to exist. I have often been discouraged, 'God, this can't be good' ... and then Jesus would say, 'O you of little faith.' And over and over again, the Lord has shown that he wants this foundation of St. John Paul II."


The Grand Chancellor concluded by thanking Liana Marabini once again for this great award, in which he perceived an encouragement as well as a sign to stand steadfastly by the vocation of our university. He expressed his appreciation to Liana Marabini for wanting to show how faith and Christian values can be conveyed through films.

"Films can communicate the proclamation of the Gospel in a profound way," according to the Cardinal.


The awards ceremony came to a culinary conclusion with an Italian luncheon hosted by Liana Marabini.


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