Simon Maria Kopf is the 2022 Winner of the Veritas et Amor Contest

The Circolo San Tommaso d’Aquino has announced that Simon Maria Kopf’s new book, Reframing Providence: New Perspectives from Aquinas on the Divine Action Debate, to be published by Oxford University Press in January 2023, has been selected as the winner of the 11th Edition of the Veritas et Amor contest for the promotion of Thomas Aquinas’ thought.


Dr Kopf, our Associate Professor of Fundamental Theology, will be announced as the winner on 29 October 2022 in Aquino by Fr Serge-Thomas Bonino, president of the Pontifical Academy Thomas Aquinas. Following the announcement, his name will be included in the Golden Book of the Circolo. The award includes a prize money of 1,000 Euros.


Upon learning of his reception of the award, Dr Kopf stated: “I am truly honoured and very grateful to the Circolo San Tommaso d’Aquino for the 2022 Veritas et Amor award, which is also a testimony to the importance of the dialogue between theology and the sciences. Theology can and should engage with the sciences, society, and culture more broadly. This engagement will be for the benefit of both our society and theology, which continually seeks anew and learns how to explicate the central teachings of the Church and how to pronounce and promote the Gospel in new and changing contexts.”


To find out more about Dr Kopf’s new book on the doctrine of providence, divine action, and its compatibility with biological evolution, please visit the website of OUP: