Msgr. Kevin Randall Celebrates Holy Mass at the Inauguration of ITI’s 2022-2023 Academic Year

Msgr. Kevin Randall, the Nuntiatur Counsellor in Austria, presided over holy Mass at the solemn inauguration of the 2022-2023 academic year at the ITI. He began Mass by passing on words of blessings on behalf of His Excellency, Archbishop Dr. Pedro Lopez Quintana, the Apostolic Nuncio to Austria.

“How will a well-rounded, Catholic liberal arts education serve me? Theologically speaking, what will the end goal be?” – In his homily, Msgr. Randall posed the very question many students ask at the start of an academic year. “Studying is not just obtaining a degree,” he continued, “but appropriating its material into our life—our intellect, body, and soul—converting and disciplining ourselves based upon the truths that we have discovered in books and in our professors’ lessons.”

Developing his thought further, Msgr. Randall emphasized that Catholic Christian life is referred to as being pro-active. For as Catholics, we believe in a predestination wherein our free will interacts with Divine Providence. In that active rapport with Jesus Christ we use our free will to discern God’s will for us. We seek a life of grace.

“Academic studies,” Msgr. Randall continued, “leads us to deeper conversation and holiness of life, with which, in turn, we imbue civil society. Here present, we have students and faculty in the vocations of single life, holy matrimony, holy orders and religious life. Whether contemplative or in the active apostolate, we can change and influence civil society.” This is exactly what the ITI teaches and expects from its students: to find their own vocations, live according to them, and “influence civil society with vocations in the holiness of life.” “Duc in altum! Go into the deep!” Msgr. Randall concluded. “God will be looking for you as you are looking for Him!”