Dr. Andrei Gotia Restores a Crucifix from the Wayside in Trumau for the Second Time

Ave, Crux vera, spes unica!


“We bow to Your Cross, O Lord, and we praise Your holy Resurrection!” These words from the Byzantine Divine Liturgy would be an accurate caption for an event that took place on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul in Trumau: the return of a restored crucifix to its proper place.

The crucifix hangs from its open niche not far from the parish house. It is permanently exposed to the sun and the rain. Dr. Andrei Gotia, our Professor of Latin and Greek, often passes by the cross and, seeing that it needed cleaning and restoring, decided to do it. Again. He had restored the same piece over a decade ago.

Dust and weather spots were visible on the hands and body of Christ, but, to Dr. Gotia’s surprise, the face of our Lord looked pristine, as he had left it in January 2012, needing no restoration at all! After cleaning and repairing the corpus, a new inscription (titulus) was cut and carved to replace the old one which was too shabby to restore. Finally, the restoration was completed by repairing and staining the cross.

This completed project is another instance of the close collaboration between the ITI and the parish of Trumau. Omnia ad maiorem Dei gloriam!