Dr. Simon Maria Kopf Selected as One of Fifteen International Scholars to Participate in the 2022 SET Summer Session

Recently, Dr. Simon Maria Kopf, our newly appointed Associate Professor of Fundamental Theology, participated in the 2022 Summer Session of the SET Foundations (Building Foundations in Science-Engaged Theology: Insights from Philosophy of Science) in San Diego, USA. During the week-long sponsored session, theologians and philosophers of religion engaged with the contemporary philosophy of science. The aim of science-engaged theology (SET) is to bring contemporary philosophy of science into constructive conversation with philosophy of religion and theology. Dr. Kopf, who works on science and theology issues from a Catholic perspective, was selected as one of fifteen international scholars who was granted a stipend for participation in the SET Summer Session.

You can find out more about Dr Kopf’s contributions in his latest article: “Theological Sophistry?” Does the Notion of Creation Need Revision? Theology and Science (2022), or on his YouTube channel