Educating the ITI Community on Russia’s War in Ukraine

On Thursday 17 March 2022 ITI hosted a panel discussion on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The event featured four panelists: Dr. Bernhard Dolna and Pater Dr. Edmund Waldstein, OCist, both ITI professors, Mr. Charles Coulombe, a political historian and ITI graduate student, and Ms. Kateryna Gychka, a Ukrainian lawyer and researcher based in Vienna. Following a presentation on the historic context of the war by host and moderator Mr. John Hennenfent, a current student of the ITI, each panelist offered their thoughts on various aspects of the conflict and its accompanying humanitarian crisis.

Besides this event to help educate the ITI community on the war, the ITI community has donated thousands of dollars in aid and ITI’s Ukrainian priests, Fr. Yuriy Kolasa and Fr. Roman Isayskyy are doing all they can to assist the Ukrainian people, including through supplies trips into Ukraine and providing free counselling to temporary displaced people of the suffering country here in Austria.