Dr. Michael Wladika - Plotinus and St. Augustine: Love as Unifier, Love as Triunifier

This past June, Professor Dr. Michael Wladika had the honor of speaking at the International Conference "The Concept of Love and its Meaning in Mystical-Theological, Literary and Philosophical Contexts" in Bucharest. In his speech, Dr. Wladika discusses "Plotinus and St. Augustine: Love as Unifier, Love as Triunifier". Plotinus, the founder of the Neoplatonist school of philosopy, exercised a huge influence on St. Augustine`s thinking of oneness, God as origin, and love. Among other questions, Dr. Wladika briefly covers topics such as: What is love and how does it relate to the good? How is love the ultimate unifier? Finally, how can these theories be linked to Catholic teaching, namely via love being not a unifier only? To listen to the entire lecture, use the link below.