The Rector of the ITI participates at the Dies natalis of Leiden University

On February 8th, Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau represented the ITI at the 445th Dies natalis of Leiden University in The Netherlands, of which he is also an alumnus. The University was founded in 1575 at the initiative of Prince William of Orange, in recognition of the courageous Leiden population who struggled successfully to overcome and end the Spanish occupation of the city. The motto of the University of Leiden is “Praesidium liberatitis” and has been a defining characteristic of the world-renowned university ever since, not only in its pursuit of academic freedom, but also in upholding the principles of liberty. The University of Leiden was forcibly closed by the German occupiers 1940-1945 because of its open resistance to the Nazi regime, amongst others famously expressed in the 26 November 1940 lecture by law professor Dr. Rudolph Cleveringa, in which he publicly protested against the dismissal of Jewish colleagues ordered by the German occupiers.

Dr. Alting von Geusau studied law at the University of Leiden 1991-1996 and also held his first teaching position there at the Law Faculty whilst he was a senior student. 

See video footage and a description of the event here and here