Marching for Life in the Midst of Rivals

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, ITI Students joined the annual Pro-Life March in Vienna. 4,000 like-minded young Catholics, singles and families with children, gathered in the historical center of Austria’s capital city to stand up for human dignity and defend the rights of the not-yet-born. The rally for life began with Holy Mass in St. Stephen’s Cathedral celebrated by His Excellency Stephan Turnovszky, the Youth Bishop of Austria. 

Courageously, strengthened by their faith, and equipped with moral principles, ITI Students,- together with the fellow marchers,- were bringing the notion of the precious value of life into the streets of Vienna. Here they testify in their own words: 

“The March for Life in Vienna was a wonderful time to be able to celebrate the gift of life and know that we are not alone in the effort to defend it! It was also a special joy to be able to go with the ITI community, as we were able to not just be comrades in seeking the truth but also in defending and cherishing the goodness of life. And most importantly it was a great reminder of the gift of my own life and the call to faithfully love and respect everyday each and every person whom I meet in it!” (Elizabeth Ielmini, STM 4)

“Firstly, I march because the Pro-Life message is that every voice deserves a chance to speak, every body deserves a chance to walk/run/jump, and every life deserves a chance to be lived. Thus we who are able to should be using our voices, legs, life, etc., at every chance possible to fight for the rights of those who cannot yet use theirs. Secondly, I march to show women that there are viable options other than abortion and that there is the needed support for them and their unborn child. They can lean on our help, we are there for them. Thirdly, it is important to show our countries and politicians that we will not back down with our message, and that we will continue to stand up for what is right. Fourthly, by marching we pass the general public and they see our signs, our numbers, and our message. We plant seeds of thought in those we pass by because even if it is for a few seconds, they think about the reality of life inside the womb. Fifthly, by marching together we gain strength in numbers and can revitalize ourselves as we often feel alone and persecuted in today’s world for having these views.” (Zelie-Louise Turpin, STM 5)

“As an Austrian, I was particularly joyous to march with so many ITI students in Vienna for the protection of life and mothers. The considerable increase in number of participants was a great sign of hope for a renewal of a life-loving culture in my home country.” (Walther Wladika, STM 3)

“I am a Catholic theology student, one of nine children, and a woman - that is not why I am Pro-Life. One characteristic that cannot be taken away from a human being, pre- or post-birth, is - value. Every year, on my birthday, my life has been celebrated by the mark of time, because in time my value is comprehensible - visible. I thank my mom, then, for protecting my time, before she was able to see my value.” (Klara Kubisova, STM 2)