ITI Library Patron, Blessed John Henry Newman, Proclaimed a Saint

October 13, 2019 in Rome, Pope Francis declared John Henry Cardinal Newman a Saint.

ITI graduate (2003), former ITI Librarian and now a Lay Dominican of the Irish Province, Monica Râpeanu STL (Romania) pays tribute to a Saint who has been her guide for many years. Her article titled John Henry Newman: Apostle of the Truth has been published recently in The  Pastoral Review Vol 15 Issue 5 – October/November/December 2019 (, in anticipation of Newman’s canonization.  

“Throughout the ages, the saints have ennobled human society, have endowed it with benefits of every kind, and with their example of practicing the virtues in a consistent and exceptional way have adorned every rank and every condition of life. And John Henry Newman is no exception. He was already recognized as a saint by contemporaries in the nineteenth century, including by many outside the Catholic fold.” Read more.