ITI launches the Ad Fontes Interview Series

The Ad Fontes Interview Series has been launched this autumn.


ITI Rector, Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau, turns to the primary sources: ITI graduates. Together with them, he undertakes a journey to discover the truth about the ITI. Using their personal experiences, the graduates reveal the beauty and uniqueness of the ITI. They remain grateful to the ITI for their intellectual and spiritual formation and are not afraid to carry out their mission in this life. They give tips and hints on how to impact the world and bring Christ into it.

Three simple questions from the rector. Three profound answers from the graduates.

Listen to the Interviews.

Ad Fontes Interview Series - Johannes van Voorst tot Voorst (1/5)

Ad Fontes Interview Series - Gudrun Kugler (2/5)

Ad Fontes Interview series - Eugene Wallace (3/5)


 Ad Fontes Interview series - Scott Hefelfinger (4/5)



Ad Fontes Interview series - Yuriy Kolasa (5/5)



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