Dr. Peter Kwasniewski Publishes Sacred Choral Works

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

18 March 2014 – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, who was Assistant Professor of Philosophy at ITI from 1999 to 2006 (and Roman Rite choir director for much of that time), has recently published a volume of Sacred Choral Works with Corpus Christi Watershed. This 276-page book gathers twenty years' worth of sacred music compositions in Latin and in English, all guided by the ideals of the Catholic tradition and ready to be used at celebrations of the Roman Rite in both Forms. 

The 85 works published here, in styles ranging from Renaissance polyphony to classic English hymnody, include settings of the Ordinary of the Mass, Eucharistic and Marian motets, vernacular hymns, Alleluias and Lenten acclamations, seasonal works for Christmas, the Holy Triduum (with three complete settings of the Reproaches for Good Friday), and Eastertide. Most of the pieces are scored for SATB choir; some are for SSA/TTB and SAB groupings. And Dr. Kwasniewski fondly recalls that a number of the works, including some of his favorites, were composed during his years in Austria and for the specific purpose of the institute's liturgies.

For more information, including the book's Preface and Table of Contents, a sample score, and recordings of five pieces, visit http://www.ccwatershed.org/kwasniewski/.

Dr. Kwasniewski looks forward to returning to the ITI this May to give a block course on the Theology of Sacred Music.