Blessed Vladimir Ghika – Prince, Priest and Martyr

Fr. Vladimir Ghika with the Holy Father

3 Jun 2014 - On Aug. 31, 2013, Pope Francis beatified a Romanian priest, Fr. Vladimir Ghika, who died a martyr in 1954 in a communist prison. A prince by birth, he did not hesitate to despoil himself for others, in whom he saw Christ. Here are some of his pensées:

  •  „The one who despoils himself for others, puts on Christ.“
  • „Nothing brings Christ closer than one’s neighbor.“
  • „When we go towards the light, our shadow follows us; when we go away from the light, our shadow precedes us.“

In his lecture Dr. Andrei Gotia, ITI Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, introduced us to this authentic and unique man and priest.  Even more special was the fact that Dr. Gotia and his family were connected in a personal way with Bl. Ghika.  In a way, it could be said that Dr. Gotia wouldn't be here today without this priest, because Bl. Ghika celebrated the marriage of his grandparents.

To listen to the whole lecture of Dr. Andrei Gotia please follow this link: Audio