Students and staff learn about the realities of the economy

Excursions to Austrian businesses aim to help ITI students in understanding economy and finance

The reason why the ITI is offering this unique opportunity to its students and staff is that in their formation as a student of theology, it can often be easily overlooked that a certain basic understanding of the functioning of our economy and of our financial systems is necessary for everybody. Whether after their studies they will be pursuing a religious vocation or a vocation in marriage, every human being is confronted on a daily basis with the reality of economy and finances. The family household is such a reality because it is a micro-economy, but also the monastery, the diocese or the parish are economic entities where there are needs that have to be covered through buying, selling and thus dealing with money. It is for this reason that one of the most important benefactors in the history of the International Theological Institute, himself a devout Catholic and father of six children, has always reiterated that our theology students need to obtain a basic formation in economic matters. He himself was the CEO of a famous international company, and visited the ITI various times. The first excursion went to Merito Financial Solutions in Vienna, where ITI students and staff were welcomed by CEO Dr. Wolfgang Habermayer, who gave a detailed explanation of financial markets and the principles underpinning ethical and transparent financial advisory.