The Way From California to the ITI in Austria: Story of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The celebration of the ITI’s 25th Dies Natalis was marked by the presence of honored guests, Mr. James Holman, the Chairman of the ITI’s Board of Trustees, and his wife, Mrs. Claudia Holman. For the past twenty years, Mr. Holman has devotedly served on the Board of Trustees and he has always played a very important role in the history of the ITI. Without his generous support, wise counsel, and competent work the ITI would not be able to exist today.

Being a distinguished guest, Mr. Holman delivered his keynote address to the assembly of the event. During his address, he shared his life story and how he became involved with the ITI. Most importantly, Mr. Holman highlighted how through the Church he fell in love with the texts of great philosophers and saints. This appreciation for the faith led to him launching four Catholic newspapers that supported the pro-life initiative. In 2000, he met Cardinal Schönborn and Dr. Michael Waldstein who invited him to come visit the ITI. Ever since then, Mr. Holman has dedicated his time and energy to helping the school flourish. Through his genuine story of trial and triumph he demonstrated how closely God works in the world through the faithful acts of his servants. 



The Rector’s Address at the ITI’s 25th Dies Natalis

The Homily of the General Secretary of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference at the ITI 25th Dies Natalis