The ITI gets a new name

Whilst always remaining faithful to the founding mission given to us by Pope St. John Paul II, the ITI over the past 25 years since its creation on October 1st, 1996, has always been keenly aware of the need to expand the reach of its mission in order to reach ever more young people, and thus the countries and local churches they will be serving after graduation. This has led the ITI, with the approval of the Holy See, to gradually increase and broaden the number of programs of study it has to offer to students from around the globe. With our core canonical-degree programs in Sacred Theology serving as the foundation and inspiration for all further programs of studies, since the move to our new campus in Trumau in 2009, we have added the Studium Generale, the Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and now in 2021 three new professional master’s programs: A Master’s in Educational and Pedagogical Studies (MEP), a Master’s in Law, Economics and Politics (MLEP) and a Masters in Culture and Media Studies (MCM). These newest (non-canonical) programs are primarily aimed at those that have already concluded a specialized degree in one of the above fields at other (secular) universities - and that in most cases will already be working -, wishing to deepen their understanding of the philosophical, theological and anthropological issues that they will be undoubtedly faced with during their careers. These master’s programs are designed similarly to secular MBA programs in that they can be pursued in a setting that does not require the interruption of one’s career. The new offerings will be launched in 2021.


It was with these exciting developments since 2009 in mind that, after the formal approval by all the relevant bodies, with the entry into force of the new statutes on March 1st, 2021, the ITI is now to be known as “Katholische Hochschule ITI”, in English “ITI Catholic University”. The ITI has had quite an amazing journey into its 25th year of existence!