Understanding Sex & Gender

Dear students and former students of the ITI, Those involved with the formation and education of young people know firsthand the difficult task of evangelizing in the midst of a growing trend of confusion surrounding personal identity, particularly sex and gender. Many feel that the Church has an ‘outdated’ understanding of sexuality, because they have never heard the beauty of her teachings on the human person. Yet, as Pope Benedict XVI said in his 2012 address to the Roman Curia, "The Church has the memory of what it means to be human in the face of a civilization of forgetfulness". In order to support those in Catholic education and formation, St Patrick’s Church in Soho, London, is partnering with the newly established Humanum Institute to offer a two-day, multidisciplinary conference for Catholic educators on the topic of sex and gender. Experts from the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, law, and others have been invited to help participants gain insight into the Catholic perspective on this challenging topic. Last year St Patrick’s hosted a one-day seminar for Catholic educators on “New Approaches to Teaching Human Sexuality”, which was met with a very positive response. This year, the two-day professional event will be held on the campus of St Mary’s University, Twickenham, from 13-14 July. The goal is to better equip educators and formators with a full and positive vision of the human person in his or her sexuality, so that they can better serve those who may struggle with confusion in this area. Attendees can leave confident that the Church’s vision of the human person is truly life-giving. Please visit www.sexandgender2018.com for more details.