Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to apply to the ITI for any degree program should first read carefully all the relevant materials that describe the requirements of the degree. See the Program of Studies section for details.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction at the ITI is mostly English for all degree programs. Applicants must therefore have an excellent grasp of English for reading, verbal communication, and written assignments. Students who do not have such a grasp will find it nearly impossible to continue in the program, let alone do well. The ITI reserves the right to send home students who demonstrate a less than adequate command of English. Such a student must return home at his own cost. 

BA & STM Language Requirements

Entry into the BA (and thus into the first year of the STM) does not presuppose knowledge of ancient languages. Latin is studied in the BA. Completion of the STM degree includes the study of Latin and Greek. Hebrew is offered as an elective.

STL Language Requirements

Students in the STL program must have a knowledge of one modern language in addition to one’s native language, Latin, and Greek, to be determined by examination. Students who have not taken these languages or do not pass the exams will take two semesters of each. (Language study is not included in the 56 credits.)

Admissions Inquiries

We will be glad to respond to your inquiries concerning the next academic year. Please contact us at admissions(a) with your admissions inquiries.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for the BA, STM, STL, STD and MMF programs: July 31st for the upcoming academic year. 

Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance, there are different options available. Please refer to Financial Aid Information and please fill out the financial aid form. 

  • USA:  Those from the USA can take out Sallie Mae loans or fill out the FAFSA as US Federal student loans are available for the BA, MMF, STM, STL and STD programs.  Only Sallie Mae loans can be taken out for the SG program.  
  • SG:  There is no additional financial assistance, other than room stipends, available for Studium Generale students.

Visa / Residence Permit

Once all financial matters have been satisfactorily settled, the procedure for getting your residence permit can begin. If you need to apply for your residence permit in your home country before arriving in Austria, we strongly advise you to apply prior to March 1st since it can take up to six months to get it approved.  US citizens can enter the EU and remain in the EU for three months without an entry visa and can apply for their residence permit after their arrival in Austria.  Our colleagues will help guide you through the application procedure.  Please contact us at admissions(a)


To be considered an applicant, you must submit:

Application form with photograph.

• Letter from your bishop and/or religious superior if you are a priest, seminarian, or member of a religious order.

• Complete certified transcripts from college onwards (if in a Slavic language, these should be accompanied by a translation into German or English).

• Essay on the passage from St. Athanasius’s On the Incarnation for the BA, STM, STL, STD applicants.

• Essay on the passage from Familiaris Consortio for the MMF applicants.

• Essay of motivation.

Payment and Financial Aid Form 

Letter of Recommendation by at least two people, preferably recent teachers or professors sent directly to us. You may arrange for up to four recommendations.

Important note: all documentation has to be sent to the ITI both in original form per post and digitally per e-mail. Without the original documentation your application is not complete.

Prior to sending in your application, please read the current Student Handbook.

Admissions Committee

The admissions committee meets regularly to discuss each application and chooses students for admission primarily on academic grounds. It is best to get your application in as soon as possible, because we have a limited amount of space each year.