European Colloquium in Barcelona

AEFLIB (Association Européenne des Facultés libres) in Trumau

On Saturday, April 13, 2013 at the European Colloquium (Colloque Européen) in Barcelona, Monsignor Hogan both represented the ITI and spoke on a panel about “The Formation of the Human Person and its Self-development: which Concept?” The colloquium which was held at the Abat Olib CEU university in Barcelona was sponsored by AEFLIB (Association Européenne des Facultés libres), an association of private universities of which the ITI is a founding member. A preparatory meeting for the colloquium took place in Trumau in April 2012. All participating universities and schools of higher learning share Christian values and have joined forces to enhance their cooperation through the exchange of professors and students, research projects, publications, conferences and meetings. For Monsignor Hogan’s talk click here. “Qui est une personne et comment en devenir une? »